Installation (canvas, painted nylon and car sun shade), dimensions vary, 2015

Illuminated portrait of Michael Jackson dead, acrylic on canvas, led projector and fog machine, 81x116,3 cm., 2014-2015

Supernova, photo transfers on nylon, red green mini laser light, 90x165 cm., 2015 Based on the article "How anti-anxiety meds are killing celebrities"

Response of Gerard Malanga to my fan letter, scratched on a car sun shade, red green mini laser light, 62x125,5 cm., 2012-2014

"Dear Jaume, Thank you for your fan letter. It’s comforting to know that my work has made a difference and has reached out to people like yourself. I may know or give the illusion of knowing “how to reach success” as you put it; but I am far from that. I am, as Ezra Pound once characterized our lot, one of “the strugglers in the desert”. I don’t claim to know or understand or have solutions to the crises everyone on this planet are witness to. I do know that the enemy will eventually devour itself; and a new day will dawn for those remaining who have been true to themselves and their fellow earthly creatures and who have kept the faith. Maybe not in our time--though it would be nice if it does– but in some future time. Let’s hope that there’s enough of the natural resources & ecology left to sustain the next planet--this planet, wholly beatiful & unique. Adios, Gerard Malanga"

From Aparteu les cadires, Can Felipa, Barcelona Curated by Joana Hurtado, in collaboration with Carolina Grau, Pere Llobera and Cristian Añó (Polièdrica)
interview to Joana Hurtado, curator, in Radio 3 "Fluido Rosa" (00:32)
*fam in catalan means famine

"Simbologia pop"
, the blog after a realtime board, and the lab, thanks to Jorge Luis Marzo and BAU

Catalog designed by Dos Grapas
Thanks: Amparo Sard, Gerard Malanga and Patricia Daniela, Joan Watson, Pere Llobera and Jorge Luis Marzo